Hi I’m Lynsey! 

If you’re anything like I was when trying to start my wellness business, you’re probably feeling like there’s a dead end after every corner you turn....

I've arrived at this point in my life like most people - through lots of dead ends, frustration, procrastination, hard work, self doubt and sheer grit! I worked as a neuromuscular and physical therapist in my own business for over 4 years, but was always broke and wondering where the next client was coming from. 

I was always learning and studying a variety of massage and other wellness techniques, thinking to myself ‘If I just learn this type of massage, then my business will thrive and clients will come’ - I bet you have been there too! This constant learning and training and being broke went on for over three years, and then the recession hit.

I was back to square one.......

What few clients I had at the time disappeared, and I didn’t know how to replace them so I had to go back to the dull and boring 9 to 5, which I hated. I felt cheated. I felt that all my hard work and all the time spent learning and honing my craft had been for nothing.

All my training and investing in courses and programmes, I was so qualified in a variety of massage therapies, the certificates were coming out my ears, but I was broke and couldn't figure out how to hold on to my clients or attract new ones. I was back in the crappy office job hoping for a way out, still trying desperately trying to figure it all out.

I wanted to help people who had been in that same position of helplessness in their wellness business, so I started signing up for every course and webinar and anything I could find out about entrepreneurship, about building a profitable wellness business. 

Looking back now I was looking for a way to tie all my skills and training together - I knew I wanted freedom, and that meant no more 9 - 5.

I also knew I had to make money....

So I started really paying attention to the problems that business owners in the wellness industry were having.

I started showing up at events and asking people about their problems in business and it was always the same questions that cropped up.....

How do I make my business profitable?

How do I stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted trying to retain clients and attract new ones?

I got stuck in to these challenges and started helping wellness entrepreneurs get clear on the perfect money making plan that actually worked for them and their business and that they felt good about - I helped one client and then another......

And before I knew it I was helping wellness entrepreneurs build amazing, fulfilling profitable businesses and lifestyles!

And that’s what I want to help you with because it doesn’t matter how talented you are or how skilled you are - you have to know what the money making plan for your business is.

Once you know that then everything changes - and with my help it will change everything for you too.