Start your own amazing, profitable wellness   business! 

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Plan your Mindset!

Starting your own wellness business starts with managing your mindset and getting out of your own way. 

This workbook will help you get to get things done in your valuable spare time.

Plan your time!

Planning your time as you start your wellness business venture will mean a faster transition into your dream business!

Access your weekly productivity planner below to help put your precious spare time to good use! 

Plan your Escape! 

The workbook below will delve into your strengths and talents, help align your work values and create a road map to how you show up in your wellness business.

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Hi there, I’m Lynsey!


For the last few years I have been giving advice on how to change careers, become more productive with little time to spare, and managing your mindset in the transition from office cage to entrepreneurship.

You know deep down that your current job is not aligned to who you are or who you want to be. The thoughts of doing that same work for the next 20, 30 or 40 years is eroding your self confidence and self esteem. You dream of being your own boss and making a difference to peoples health and well being in this hectic and stress filled world of ours. 

It’s time to plan your escape from the office pod and think of ways to start creating your own wellness business ideas and develop a business and lifestyle that is more in line with who you are.

Here's to the start of your journey!

I would highly recommend Lynsey's Manage Your Mindset course for anyone trying to get out of the rat race and work for themselves. This course gave me the luxury of having time to look at all areas of my life. It made me ask myself hard questions, confront my fears and become accountable to myself, in a good way. It really boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself. It was also very productive and the exercises really helped me get my business up and running. Lynsey was very supportive, helpful and informative from day one and you couldn't ask for more. If you are thinking about leaving your job, definitely consider this course, it'll really help you get your mind structured and get proactive about your decision!

Lisa-Marie R, Dublin, Ireland