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We get into the wellness industry want to make a difference and impact peoples lives for the better. However, statistics show that many wellness businesses struggle to be profitable because business owners don't have enough confidence to charge what they should for the services they provide. 

You may be at the early stage of your business, and very skilled at the modality you've spent months and years training in, but you struggle to make ends meet, and end up exhausted and overwhelmed instead of living the life you want to live with the profitable thriving business you deserve. Imagine being able to have the clarity and motivation to bring your business plan back to basics and have a clear plan of action to get things back on track again, retaining current clients and bringing in new clients to your business? 

I offer a free 30 minute Perfect Profit Plan session to all women business owners who have started or want to start their own amazing, fulfilling and profitable business in the wellness and holistic arena. When you work with me, you get clarity on the perfect wellness business for your abilities and talents, and take the steps to start making your business dreams a reality.

I would highly recommend Lynsey's programme for anyone trying to get out of the rat race and work for themselves. This course really boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself. It was also very productive and the exercises really helped me get my business up and running. Lynsey was very supportive, helpful and informative from day one and you couldn't ask for more. 

Lisa-Marie R, Dublin, Ireland

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Hi there, I’m Lynsey!

I worked in the wellness arena as a neuromuscular and physical therapist for over 4 years before moving into coaching to fulfill my own ambition of helping wellness businesses realise their potential and use their gifts and talents to have their own successful businesses. 

I'm on a mission to help as many wellness professionals like you as I can to make the money you need in your business to have the fulfilling and amazing life you deserve. Let's get talking!