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Let’s turn your passion into profit!

Your business can give you everything you want in life – once you know how to run it  

You escaped your 9-5 and started your business because you wanted to improve people’s lives at the same time as doing work you’re passionate about, making more money (on your own terms), and creating a lifestyle you love so much you literally bounce out of bed every morning.

So why do you keep thinking you might have to ditch this business you’ve built and go back to a 9-5?

It’s probably for one of these reasons:

  • You have a few clients, but you don’t know how to keep them coming back and it’s causing way too many sleepless nights – not even the positive mindset and daily meditation is helping

  • You’re not confident in showing up in your business beyond posting photos or inspiring quotes on Instagram and Facebook (and how many of your follows and likes have turned into paying clients…?)

  • You’re so overwhelmed by all the information that’s available on the internet that you don’t know what specific actions you should take to get new clients through your door and paying the rates you’ve been wanting to charge, so you become paralysed with fear and nothing changes


Sound familiar? Here’s the real problem.


All of these reasons mean you lurch through every month wondering how you’re going to pay for the car, the mortgage, the business loans, and the monthly subscriptions to all the online courses and the networks you’re a member of.

Sure, you have a business, but it’s not generating a stable enough income. And a girl’s gotta know where her next meal (and client!) is coming from.


Here’s what you really need.

A bespoke productivity plan, created to help you work at your own pace, with goals set and plans of action laid out in a simple step by step plan to ensure you’re making progress without overwhelm or exhaustion.

An accountability and positive mindset plan, focusing on keep you on track with your goals, and a cheerleader in the wings, ready to help on the days you’re not feeling the belief or have the strength to go on.

And most importantly, a concrete money-making plan, specifically tailored to your own business, that shows you the exact steps you need to make to get new clients in, retain the clients you’ve already got, and pump up the income and the profit your business generates.

Because once you’re more productive, have accountability in your business, and can make more money, you can serve more clients doing what you love. Which is why you started your business in the first place.  

Don’t wait another year hoping things will get better, you’ve been working yourself to the bone and nothings working, why do you think things will improve with time?

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then sign yourself in to the funny farm right now!

The time is now - make the change. No blame, no shame, the line in the sand is drawn.

Call me, I can help.


Working with Lynsey I quickly learnt how to separate the many different options out there and she helped me to focus clearly on my target audience. I learned how to Identify the client base I wanted to focus on and work with and be courageous in holding out for the target client group I wanted to make my business work financially.

I also learned to appreciate and acknowledge that I am a qualified therapist, I have set up my own business, and I am capable and deserving of professional acknowledgement. Working with Lynsey, I quickly lost the almost apologetic manner I used when referring to my own business when speaking to someone, and I learnt how to hold my shoulders back and my head high and be proud of my achievements to date.

In 3 short months, I grew my client base, identified my philosophy; formalised my strategy and I continue to grow in confidence. I now have the ability and confidence to grow my business in a clear and focused way. I appreciate the value of doing something new and scary at least once a week, and I am trying to push past my comfort zone, and market myself daily. I am trying to grow my client base, by being proactive and believing in myself and this is in no small way due to the focus and challenging nature of Lynsey's methodology.

Working with Lynsey was a valuable investment in myself and my future and I am so grateful that I had the sense to realise that, and even more grateful that my path crossed with Lynsey.

Jan O Seachnasaí, Principal Massage Therapist, Safe Hands Holistic Massage, Dublin 5, Ireland.

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Hi there, I’m Lynsey!

Having worked in a variety of industries and businesses over the past 2 decades, I’m now fulfilling my ambition to help female entrepreneurs realise their potential and use their gifts and talents to run their own successful businesses. 

I'm on a mission to help as many heart-centred female entrepreneurs like you make the money you need in your business. That way you can have the fulfilling and amazing life you deserve, and be of service to as many clients as possible