Let’s pump some profit into your business

And then keep it coming month after month after month!


Truth: You started your business because your 9-5 (which was more like an 8-8) was stifling you, your talents, and destroying your soul. You wanted to help other people (lots of them!), but somewhere along the way you forgot to prioritise your own financial and emotional health and that’s coming back to haunt you.

Truth: Your business is off the ground, but it’s not making enough money to give you the lifestyle you were dreaming of from the misery of your corporate cubicle. The thing is...... you’re exhausted! It feels like you’re working all the time, chasing clients, creating content for social media, planning and goal setting (and getting none of it done!), and not to mention handling all the mind-numbing admin, but there’s not much to show for it after all the expenses have been paid.

Truth: You’re craving structure, confidence, and energy that you know will take your business from merely surviving to seriously thriving… you just have no idea how to make it happen.

That’s where your free 30-minute Business Breakthrough Session comes in!


Because once you prioritise your financial needs, everything else falls into place. Including more clients.....

Here’s how this complimentary coaching call is going to help take you from relentless anxiety over how to pay the bills every month (and have some left over for weekend brunch with the family) to definitive clarity about how to grow and sustain a more profitable business that gives you LIFE. Literally and metaphorically.

During this call you’ll:

  • Experience a shift in your mindset and leave the call believing there really IS a way to raise your rates without your whole client base deserting you (imagine that?!).

  • Finally get some clarity by sharing your ideas with a business expert who’s been in your shoes (or runners!), and see where the potential for your business lies.

  • Get my expert opinion on the exact next steps you can take to get out of your own way and start treating your business like an actual business (because in real talk, you’re the only thing that’s stopping you from pumping up your profit right now).

  • Ditch the imposter syndrome, the analysis paralysis, and the crazy confusion and start on your path to a business that helps more people and makes more money – without you having to work harder for it.

It sounds amazing because it is.

And remember, it’s free! So you can totally afford it ;)

So what are you waiting for - you don’t need anyone’s permission to build your business!!

Click the Calendly link below to arrange a call with me and let’s get the ball rolling on your revitalised business and money-making plan.


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