How do you show up in your business?

How you do anything is how you do everything – T. Harv Eker

So many entrepreneurs think they have to be able to do everything in their business. But focusing on the one or two things you’re good at means you turn up in your business ‘zone of genius’. This zone is where you combine your top talents and strengths with your purpose – it’s incredibly powerful when you are fully committed to it.

When you work in this ‘zone’ in your business, the results are truly amazing. The way you run your business can mean the difference between thriving and surviving. If you have a business that’s not making money, you just have an expensive hobby.

Photo by  DIAO DARIUS  on  Unsplash

Photo by DIAO DARIUS on Unsplash

So how DO you show up in your business? What revamp can you make this month when all routines are out the window and summer has come to an end? What plans can you make to get ready to ramp up for the last third of the year – that productive month of September, when routines get back to normal, the kids are back in school, and businesses come out of the summer months more focused than ever.

Showing up means following simple, consistent strategies, I say they’re simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy! Making simple steps a habit is vital to the health of your business, so trying some of these tips could make a difference:

1. Get business focused! Make sure you have a strategy for how to make your business goals work and work them backwards to the current day. Start with the end in mind. How many clients do you want in the next 6 months? What impact will that have on your life? What can you do every day to help others? Where are your next clients coming from and how do you attract them?

2. Have a profit plan! Showing up every day in your business means knowing how many clients you need to have to make a profit every month. Making plans without focusing on the numbers means you have no clear idea where the money is coming from, and how to make more of it. Have your profit board on your wall so you can see every day what the numbers are and how you can improve them.

3. Know your FLOW! That zone of genius you have needs to come through in your business, so know where to find it! Identify where you are happiest in your business – do you like being front of house or behind the scenes, meeting people or writing in peace and quiet, do you prefer creating or planning? Where does time fly for you in your business, where you are working on something and suddenly 3 hours have gone by without you even noticing. That’s FLOW.

4. Get uncomfortable! Why do you put the important things off in your business? What part of the business process do you need to get better at? What do you stop doing after a while when you know deep down it’s the very thing that will bring in the money in the long run?  Stretching your comfort zone will help you turn up better each day in your business.

5. Commit! Showing up in your business means working on it every day. If you’re half-hearted about aspects of your business, you won’t make it work as a whole. So get uncomfortable, make those sales calls, talk to people about your business, offer to do a speaking gig at a local event, whatever it takes to promote your business and get the clients you want. 50% commitment will equal a struggling business, 100% commitment will equal a successful business.

6. Value your time – Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter – focus on getting clients today, getting clients tomorrow, and then everything else. The ‘everything else’ pile is the social media, the accounts, the marketing strategy etc. The first two things on the at list are crucial, to the health of your business - everything else is a ‘nice to have.’ 5,000 worldwide followers on Instagram is a nice to have, but a talk at a local event could get you in front of your ideal client and convert to sales.

It can be a struggle some days to get motivated, to keep going after a knock back when you thought everything was going well in your business, to stay positive. But the great thing about business is that every day is a new day, and with that comes new opportunities and possibilities, and we get the chance to do it all over again. How you turn up every day in your business is how you utilise those opportunities and make those new connections – who knows where it will take you?