Wellness Business Basics Mini Course

Tired trying to figure it all out at the start of your business?

If you’re starting out in the wellness, health or fitness industry and are struggling to identify what makes a successful business, this course is for you! It’ll help you

  • Clarify who your ideal paying client is and how to find them so you never get confused or unclear about who you want to serve in your business

  • Stop stumbling to explain what you do and help you create your compelling message to share with clients and contacts (this formula works!)

  • Be more visible online, and use social media more effectively to reach your ideal client so you never have to hide behind the laptop again!

  • Go from overwhelmed and exhausted to taking it all in your stride in your wellness business and never worry about burnout again

  • Clarify your sales process to get more clients, plan your income streams and create a positive money mindset so you never have to second guess how much money is coming into your business again!

You can learn all these tools with the Wellness Business Basics Mini Course!

This course will help you transform from a rookie beginner in business to having the tools to jump to the next level!

You’ll discover ways to:

  • identify your ideal PAYING client

  • create the message you want to share with potential clients and contacts

  • be more visible and get in front of your ideal paying clients

  • look after your health and wellbeing as you build your business

  • manage your sales process, plan your income and develop a winning money mindset

You’ll go from exhausted, overwhelmed and confused to having clarity, focus and strategy to move your business to the next level.

But I know all this already, why should I take this course?

If you know all this already, why don’t you have a successful business?

Why are clients not knocking on your door?

Where’s the profit in your business?

I might sound harsh, but the only way to have a successful business is to get really clear on where you are, where you want to be and start working towards the ultimate goal. Hoping and wishing won’t help. I’m here to give you the jump start to get you excited about your business!

Here’s a note from Joe about how I helped him build his wellness business:

Joe Brady.jpg

In the 12 years I have spent working in the Wellness industry, I have seen my business grow with a steady increase in clients year after year. While that was a real positive, there was one area of the business I had serious concerns about - not charging enough for my services. It's common amongst therapists not to charge enough for the excellent work we do. I was lucky enough to meet Lynsey at an event in January 2019 and agreed to allow her have a look at my Massage Therapy practice to see if she could help me grow the business.

While there were some minor issues that needed to be worked on, the one major issue that I needed to change was the need to really value my work and not be afraid to charge for my work. What a difference that small increase has made to my business overall. Working with Lynsey has been a wonderful experience and has really helped my confidence as a therapist.

Many thanks Lynsey, your input was greatly appreciated and most importantly achieved excellent results for me.

Joe Brady, Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, Trim, Co Meath, Ireland.

So who needs the Wellness Business Basics Mini Course?

You do.

If you don’t have enough money in your business, if you don’t know how to promote yourself to your ideal client. If you don’t know who your ideal client IS!

If you want to have more freedom to do the things you want to do like spend more time with family and friends.

If you’re tired of all the noise and want to focus on what matters to you in your business, and what will help you get more clients, create more profit and have a business you’ll love.

If you don’t have the basics right in your wellness, health or fitness business, and you’re just busy being busy but not actually getting things done.

Here are the options:

You could wait another year or two (or 3 or 4) to figure out all the basics in your wellness business by yourself, or you could take this course and get on the path to a more fulfilling and profitable business.

You could procrastinate and waste time worrying about your situation or you could start taking action on the most important elements of your business.

Or you could find this course again in a years time, still be in the same place you were a year ago and finally decide to do something to bring your business the money and clients it needs to succeed.

What are you waiting for? Here's a testimonial from Orli about working with me:


When I first started working with Lynsey, I had a few goals to develop my practice in other directions. The main issue was that I had zero connections to people who work in the fields that I wanted to engage with. Working with Lynsey is, first and foremost, a huge boost of positivity and can-do attitude. Lynsey went out of her way to entertain my desires and enable me to dream big. As big as possible. I got excellent tips and a detailed action plan to pursue my goals. But more than anything, Lynsey connected me with other people who were more than happy to help and assist. I'm so grateful for that.

Now, I'm a lot more educated about what I need to do, who I need to connect with and how to do it. Moreover, I believe it is doable, and for me - this is huge. Thank you Lynsey!

Orli Naaman, PSYCH-K Facilitator and Breathwork Master Practitioner, Dublin, Ireland.

So why should I buy this from you? Why are you qualified to talk about this?


I’m Lynsey, a business coach for wellness, health and fitness practitioners.

I help practitioners move from being overwhelmed and struggling to make a profit to making more money and serving more clients so that they can boost their income fast, and attract and retain more clients doing what they love.

I worked for over 4 years as a neuromuscular and physical therapist in my own practice. I’d come from a scientific background, burnt out after years studying and working in a lab - I had no business acumen or know-how on ways to build a successful wellness business. So when the recession came, I had no tools or strategies to save my business or attract and retain more clients.

My clients disappeared overnight, and so did my business.

Back to square one in a boring office job, I planned my escape! I decided I was going to make sure no one struggled to develop strategies to keep their wellness businesses afloat. I studied life coaching, career coaching, and business coaching, I’ve learned ways to help my clients in health, wellness and fitness to build a life and business they love, and I want to do that for you too!

I’ve been in your shoes, searching for ways to make my business work but to no avail, And while I didn’t think I’d use it again, my scientific background came in useful to help me create the formulas, strategies and processes to make wellness businesses work!

I want you to have a thriving business, not stuck in confusion and overwhelm trying everything and getting nowhere, don’t leave it too late to make your business work for you.

Here’s what you’ll get in the course:

  • 5 presentations to help you

    • identify your ideal client

    • create your compelling message

    • be more visible on social media and in your local community

    • develop your sales strategy and plan your income (with your lovely bonus spreadsheet!)

    • and lots of tips and advice to take care of your health and wellbeing while building your dream business.

  • And your fabulous workbook to help you through the course step by step so you’ll have all your plans and action steps in one place. Best to print it out and start scribbling!

All this for just €99

And there’s a Bonus!!

One of the main issues my clients have when starting out is to plan their income streams and identify how much money they need to make their ideal annual salary.

When you sign up for the course, you’ll also get an Income Planner Spreadsheet to help you work out how many of each course, product, class or workshop you need to sell to achieve your dream salary. Simple!

What are you waiting for?

Please, please, please don’t sit on the fence on this one, don’t wait til it’s too late and you have to go back to the office job (I KNOW you don’t want that!).

Get stuck into the foundations of what makes a successful wellness, health or fitness business on this course, and move your business forward with clarity and focus. And profit!

And finally - here’s the answer to those niggling questions!

1.How long do I have this course for?

It’s yours for the lifetime of the course itself. This may be 2 years, it may be 10 years, I will be updating and improving it as time goes by so you’ll get even more value from it! And I will give you notice if it’s being amended or removed.

2. What are the benefits of this course if I’m starting out?

It will help you get clear on the basics of a wellness, health or fitness business, help you be more visible online and locally, get clear on who you want to serve and help you manage your financial goals better.

3. Would this course be useful if I’m an established business?

Many established wellness, health and fitness businesses struggle in the first few years of business if they don’t get the basics right. This course will be helpful in getting you back on track and focused on what really matters in your business.

4. Can I contact you if I have a question about the course?

That’s no problem at all! Shoot me an email at hello@lynseyhanratty.com if you have any questions. Always here to help.