Before working with Lynsey I struggled with accountability and consistency in my business. Since working with Lynsey I've become more honest with myself and have taken more responsibility for my business. I've also become much more efficient with how I run my business. Now I know that anything is possible, it's great to have someone like Lynsey to keep you accountable for no other reason than to see you being successful.

Martin Glynn, doTERRA essential oil Wellness Advocate, Co Galway.

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Working with Lynsey I quickly learnt how to separate the many different options out there and she helped me to focus clearly on my target audience. I learned how to Identify the client base I wanted to focus on and work with and be courageous in holding out for the target client group I wanted to make my business work financially.

I also learned to appreciate and acknowledge that I am a qualified therapist, I have set up my own business, and I am capable and deserving of professional acknowledgement. Working with Lynsey I quickly lost the almost apologetic manner I used when referring to my own business when speaking to someone, and I learnt how to hold my shoulders back and my head high and be proud of my achievements to date.

In 3 short months, I grew my client base, identified my philosophy; formalised my strategy and I continue to grow in confidence. I now have the ability and confidence to grow my business in a clear and focused way. I appreciate the value of doing something new and scary at least once a week, and I am trying to push past my comfort zone, and market myself daily. I am trying to grow my client base, by being proactive and believing in myself and this is in no small way due to the focus and challenging nature of Lynsey's methodology.

Working with Lynsey was a valuable investment in myself and my future and I am so grateful that I had the sense to realise that, and even more grateful that my path crossed with Lynsey.

Jan O Seachnasaí, Principal Massage Therapist, Safe Hands Holistic Massage, Dublin 5.


Before working with Lynsey, I wasn't taking any action, I was putting off the things I wanted to do and couldn't get focused. Now, I"m taking action, and organising my workshops as well as everything else. I'm well on my way to achieving all my goals. Lynsey makes me stay super focused on what I need do each week. She doesn't let you get away with anything. She has an amazing ability to make you feel you can do and achieve anything. I know I'm on the right path.

Emer Dunne, doTERRA essential oil Wellness Advocate and Chakradance facilitator.


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Before working with Lynsey I was unable to focus on where to go next with my business and struggled with time management. Working with Lynsey has helped me to prioritise and delegate and bring my business one step closer to where I want it to be.

Lynsey is very understanding and easy to work with, I highly recommend Lynsey as a business coach for people in the wellness industry.

Gillian Farrelly, Owner and Manager of Body Balance Therapy, Sandyford, Co. Dublin

Reyhana Jano review for Manage your Mindset

I found the structure and the instructions of Lynsey's programme quite easy to follow.  A lot of the exercises are quite insightful It helped me validate certain things I was aware of already, but more importantly, it taught me new techniques I could use, especially if I felt I was procrastinating.  I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to find their way in achieving their goal and looking at how to use the best of their time to achieve this.

Reyhana J, London, UK

Kate Fogelson review for Manage your Mindset

I loved Lynsey's programme as it helped me realize that I do have the tools and the mindset to charge forward with my new business concept and start my journey to living the laptop lifestyle that I crave!

The exercises in this course are well worth your time and money, as they not only help you visualize your future, but also help you learn that you can overcome your fears. If you want to move forward, towards your Dream, allow Lynsey to show you HOW!  

Kate F, Arizona, USA

Lisa-Marie Redmond review of Manage your Mindset

I would highly recommend this course for anyone trying to get out of the rat race and work for themselves. This course gave me the luxury of having time to look at all areas of my life. It made me ask myself hard questions, confront my fears and become accountable to myself, in a good way. It really boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself. It was also very productive and the exercises really helped me get my business up and running. Lynsey was very supportive, helpful and informative from day one and you couldn't ask for more.

Lisa-Marie R, Dublin, Ireland


Lynsey was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process and always had time to answer questions and give advice. I received a remarkable amount of encouragement and got the impression that it meant a lot to Lynsey that I do well. I was very impressed by my coaching experience and would positively recommend Lynsey to family and friends.


Without these coaching sessions I would still be frustrated and lost trying to find out what the right career path for me would be. Lynsey helped me focus and through her positivity, wise words and belief I have found the career path for me that I know will fulfil my needs. I never thought I could make these decisions in such a short space of time. I firmly believe that without Lynsey I may never have been able to focus enough to make these decisions. If everybody had access to a Lynsey there would be much happier people in the world. Thank you Lynsey!


I found Lynsey to be an extremely helpful and willing coach. She has a great ability to listen, not just to what you’re saying but to underlying sentiments also. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and they were of great benefit to me, assisting me to structure my time to facilitate my priorities, which Lynsey also helped identify.
I would recommend Lynsey 100% of the time and believe that you will be firmly on the right path once your time with her has been completed.


I would highly recommend coaching with Lynsey. I found the sessions really helpful, they allowed me to gain back the perspective I had lost in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions, it was like meeting a friend and this really allowed me to feel comfortable with Lynsey she was always very patient and understanding. When I was due to meet Lynsey for the first time I had just received a bit of a knock and was feeling quite low in myself and was contemplating cancelling. I’m so glad I didn’t, I came away that evening feeling lifted and better about myself, all this from a girl I didn’t even know an hour previous.
When I finished my sessions and looked back at where I was at the beginning I was amazed at how far I had come in such a short space of time. Coaching really made me ask myself the hard questions that all too often get pushed under the carpet and made me look and analyse my current state to make the necessary changes instead of just living it hoping it would change by itself. Thank you Lynsey.


Lynsey’s style of coaching is such that one cannot but persevere with the plan; gentle yet direct and highly professional. I hardly realised the work I was doing until we reached the end of our programme. I looked at the changes that had taken place in the interim and realized there was no going back. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a coach. She will support and challenge you all the way.