Build Your Amazing Profitable Wellness Business Facebook Membership Group!

Monthly advice and accountability, no contract required!

As a business coach for wellness professionals, I want to help as many people in the wellness industry as I can. I’ve started a Facebook group with lots of help, advice and accountability for wellness practitioners to help and support each other, ask each other questions, and get direct coaching from me on our Monthly Mastermind Calls.

You will be able to promote your offers, events and programmes in the group too, so that others can share and comment there may even be some collaborations happening in the future hopefully!

There will be regular interviews with experts in different areas relating to wellness business to help you get the most from your business plans and ideas, and each month there will be a Mastermind Call with me on Facebook based on the monthly topic (January's topic is Goal setting and Planning for 2019) so you can ask me questions and get one to one coaching with me on the call.

The investment each month for this group is €49 and I will be in the group most days, asking questions, creating little challenges for you, providing accountability for the plans you have made for your business. Each month, there will be a workbook relating to the monthly topic so you can work on this before the Mastermind call. It will be a safe and supportive environment to get help and advice from me and others in the group.

The investment is €49 on a monthly basis, and if you want to leave the group, you give me 30 days notice that you want to leave by sending me a message, and you'll be out of the group within 30 days. If you want to join again at any time, contact me and I can add you in again. Members will always know what the next monthly topic will be -

Jan is Goal Setting and Business Planning for 2019 (workbook in the Files section of the group)

Feb - Identifying your Ideal Client

Mar - Writing and creating your message

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