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Let’s turn your passion into profit!

Your wellness business can give you everything you want in life – once you know how to run it  

You escaped your 9-5 and got into the wellness industry because you wanted to improve people’s lives at the same time as doing work you’re crazy passionate about, making more money (on your own terms), and creating a lifestyle you love so much you literally bounce out of bed every morning.

So why do you keep thinking you might have to ditch this business you’ve built and go back to a 9-5?

It’s probably for one of these reasons:

  • You have a few clients, but you don’t know how to keep them coming back and it’s causing way too many sleepless nights – not even essential oils are helping

  • You’re not confident in showing up in your business beyond posting pictures of your morning wellness practice on Instagram (and how many of those have turned into paying clients…?)

  • You’re so overwhelmed by all the information that’s available on the internet that you don’t know what specific actions you should take to get new clients through your door and paying the rates you’ve been wanting to charge, so you become paralysed and nothing changes


Feel familiar?


Here’s the real problem. All of these reasons mean you lurch through every month wondering how you’re going to pay for the car, the mortgage, and the organic kale. Sure, you have a business, but it’s not generating a stable enough income. And a wellness girl’s gotta know where her next meal is coming from.


Here’s what you really need. A money-making plan, specifically tailored to your own business, that shows you the exact steps you need to make to get new clients in, retain the clients you’ve already got, and pump up the income and the profit your business generates.


Because once you make more money, you can serve more clients doing what you love. Which is why you started your business in the first place.  


Before working with Lynsey, I wasn't taking any action, I was putting off the things I wanted to do and couldn't get focused. Now, I"m taking action, and organising my workshops as well as everything else. I'm well on my way to achieving all my goals. Lynsey makes me stay super focused on what I need do each week. She doesn't let you get away with anything. She has an amazing ability to make you feel you can do and achieve anything. I know I'm on the right path. 

Emer Dunne, doTERRA essential oil wellness advocate and Chakradance facilitator.

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Hi there, I’m Lynsey!

I worked in the wellness industry as a neuromuscular and physical therapist for over 4 years before fulfilling my ambition to help wellness businesses realise their potential and use their gifts and talents to run their own successful businesses. 

I'm on a mission to help as many wellness professionals like you as I can to make the money you need in your business to have the fulfilling and amazing life you deserve.