When Summer comes.....

Photo by  Leo Rivas  on  Unsplash

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

It’s July, and the kids are off school for the next 8 weeks, and you start to notice the bookings for classes and therapies dropping off, the excuses start coming in from clients for missing their appointments with you. Summer can be a quiet time for people in wellness, routines go out the window when the sun comes out and the kids are home getting under their parents’ feet. So how do you manage to entice them back in? Here’s some tips to keep your business cool for the summer!

1.       Bring the kids! If you can incorporate some activities for the kids to enjoy with their parents over the summer in your business (mam and kids yoga, family bootcamp, a creche/childminder option in your business to look after small babies during the class), this could encourage more parents to come along to classes or workshops, and keep your business booming.

2.       Send text messages with your latest offers: Text is more immediate and a more personal way to send a reminder of upcoming classes and workshops, or your Summer Special offer! Text messages have an open rate of 98% compared with email at 20-30% (which is still a good open rate, but not as effective as a text!)

3.       Summer Offers or Signature Packages: Focus on the relaxation or health aspect of your business and create a signature Summer package for your business. Get known in your area for this amazing signature package that only happens once a year. Don’t forget to gather testimonials to promote and sell it!

4.       Pre-empt the situation: Identify a target audience whose numbers fall off in the summer (preferably in April or May) and ask them what their main challenges are in fitness and health in the summer months, why do they miss classes, etc. This can help identify ways that you could provide new services and is a great market research tool for you.

5.       See you at the finish line! For those in fitness (gyms and personal trainers), choose a race that you are training for yourself and get clients on board to train with you – create a 4-6 week training package over the summer months to do Hell and Back or Tough Mudder or another crazy adventure endurance race! (I tried Hell and Back last year, it was not pretty!)

6.       Send texts before and after your treatments: In the busyness of Summer, people forget they’ve made the appointment in the first place! Always send a reminder 24 hours before their appointment to reduce the chance of it slipping their mind. If this still happens, follow up to reschedule. And if you can, always thank your clients for attending classes afterwards, it makes them feel special and that you appreciate them.

7.       Take a break: Sometimes you just need to take a break and come back to the business refreshed and ready for action. Go on a holiday, read some books, relax and recharge and come back to your business with fresh eyes.

If you know the summer months are quiet, make the rest of the year as busy as possible, keep developing those business strategies to connect with your clients on a personal and emotional level to ensure you are always top of mind when they want to return to their routine.

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