Simplify to Amplify

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In this world full of noise and distraction, it can be quite easy to get lost in the complexities of business. Unfortunately, this can lead to overwhelm and exhaustion on your part, trying to do all the things all the time, running your classes, programmes, therapies and doing all the admin, marketing, sales and branding.

When it all starts to get too much and you start spiralling into overwhelm, try paring back and answer the following questions to simplify your business model and avoid burning the midnight oil on things that aren’t relevant right now:

1.      Who’s my ideal client?

Are you clear on who you’re serving in your business? Are you attracting the right kind of client to your business? Have you figured out who you want to work with and why? Identifying your ideal client is vital in business so you know exactly who you are speaking to in your content (online and offline), in person and on social media. Lots of wellness practitioners are afraid to specialise and serve a specific group of clients, but being specialised in a particular therapy, class or course will attract the clients you really want to work with!

2.      Is my message clear?

Are you attracting the right kind of client with your message? Your focused message is a vital part of attracting your ideal client – speaking to everyone means speaking to no one! Finding your niche is easier said than done (it took me ages!), but once you’ve identified them, it makes your message clearer as you know who you want to serve. Knowing this means you can focus all your content and promotions toward your ideal client with your message in mind.

3.      Do I have an online presence?


Are you on the right platforms for your business? In most cases, Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for wellness practitioners to promote events and connect with the right tribe. It depends completely on what you’re comfortable with, one platform where you’re active on a regular basis is better than being on 4 or 5 platforms and not engaging with prospective clients.

4.      Do I offer value to my prospective clients?

Do you have a ‘freebie’ to offer your clients when they arrive on your website to create the ‘Like, Know and Trust’ factor. Providing value to your online audience will warm up prospective clients, developing a relationship with them, letting them know what you do and how and why you do it.

5.      Do I have consistency in my branding across platforms?

While there’s a lot to branding, it’s best to keep it simple at the beginning. A simple logo (maybe just your name in fancy font like mine!) and a couple of brand colours will be enough to start with, keep the photos and colours consistent in anything you create for clients. You can worry about a proper brand when you are making a profit! Simple is best to begin with.


6.      Do I need a fancy bells and whistles website?

Does your website or Facebook group attract an audience? Making regular changes or additions to your website (new blogs, new programmes, information about classes, etc.) is good for SEO (ranking on Google). In the early stages of business, a fancy bells and whistles website will be expensive, and you may not have your ideal client or message cemented straight away. Focus on adding blogs and information to your website when you can, and a freebie to start building your email list that you can share new products, services and courses to.

7.      Am I connecting with my local community?

As you may know by now, one of my favourite mottos for wellness practitioners is ‘Local Before Global’. There’s no point focusing on attracting an online audience if your business is a local one. You need to be ensuring people know who you are in your area, and you need to start connecting with them in person. These are the people who will become your customers in your area, who will come to your classes, therapies, workshops, and courses. Network, connect, and get to know your community.


Working on aspects of your business that will attract more clients will help you amplify and build your business simply. Getting the foundations right will help you grow into your business with strong tools to help,

  • Is your website just an online brochure? Then add a freebie and start getting people on a mailing list.

  • Do you have a great following online, but are struggling to get clients through the door? Then get to know the local community by networking and connecting.

  • Do you know who your ideal client is? If not, go back to the drawing board and work out who you love working with and who you want to serve.

Being a generic therapist or teacher will make you just like all the others. Stand out, make a difference and build your business on strong foundations.

If there’s anything I can help you with to build your business, attract and retain clients, and remove that overwhelm and exhaustion, book a Profit Road Map Session with me ASAP!