How to attract more clients


This is the one thing my clients have in common - they all want more clients! It’s a common problem in the wellness, fitness and health industries. You start off with lots of good intentions and a heart centred reason for creating your businesses - to really make a difference to the health and wellbeing of your clients, and to create a business you love, working with clients who are committed and willing to create the transformations they need.

But what happens then? You end up with a ‘feast or famine’ situation - way too busy one minute, not busy for weeks on end the next. How can you create consistent income and manage your time and energy too?

Here’s some tips to keep you attracting and retaining clients and avoid the feast or famine scenario!

  1. Focus on the numbers! Be clear on your targets and how close you are to them. Work out your annual, monthly and weekly revenue targets, and from that work out how many clients you need to populate those targets. The numbers will keep you focused on what revenue you need to generate to reach those targets and give you clarity on your business requirements.

  2. Pick 2 platforms and be visible: 2 platforms is enough to get started with in terms of showing up for your clients online. Post on these every day if you can with images, quotes, polls, quizzes, Gifs - engage, engage, engage! Ask questions, be curious, do Facebook and Instagram lives (or whatever platforms you’re working on) to promote services, products and show proof of your work with client testimonials.

  3. Respond to comments within 24 hours: Be sure to respond to any comments or posts in your Facebook groups or on your Instagram/ Linked In/Twitter pages to show your clients or prospective clients that you care about them. And be sure to send them more then just a ‘Like’! Thank them in words, not emojis.

  4. Update your pipeline with follow ups: Follow up with any clients that may have fallen by the wayside or aren’t attending your classes or therapies as regularly anymore - and find out why! Could you entice them back to you with a new offer? Go back over your client list from the last 6 months and draft a list of people you need to follow up with - contact them by phone first, then by email and text.

  5. Develop your sales chat: Nobody likes being sold to, but at the end of the day it’s the life’s blood of your business, you so need to have a good strategy.

    Remember SELLING IS SERVING! You need to remove the negative mindset around selling your services, your mission should always be to reach as many clients as possible to make them healthier, fitter, less stressed and more in control of their wellbeing.

    That means you’ve got to tell people how they can work with you! It’s a conversation with an interested party, they’ll resonate with you and your services, or they won’t. Either way, you need to be able to talk to them about what you do, and ask for the business.

Incorporate all 5 tips into your daily business development routine, it will make a huge difference to the health and wellbeing of your business and your bank balance!

Start creating strategies and processes in your business that are client and sales focused and implement them every day. Remember - it doesn’t have to be perfect action every day, just small steps moving you towards the business you want and the clients you want to serve.

Building a wellness business on your own can be tough, I’ve been there!

I have a limited number of free discovery calls for August - click on the link if you’d like to book one to help you build your business, attract and retain clients, and remove that overwhelm and exhaustion.