5 Ways to cram some extra hustle into your Workday

So you are busy juggling and managing and balancing all the different areas of your life, and you are trying to get some spare time in your day to work on your side business.

What are the best ways to get this done without compromising any of the other things you need to get done in your day, the full time job, the kids (or pets or partner), hobbies (things you need for a work life balance), and time to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Here are a few ideas where to stay motivated, inspired and driven throughout your working day, and squeeze in a bit of hustling of your own at the same time!


1. Audiobooks on the way to and from work

Your workday commute is a great chance to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos on topics you have an interest in to help you learn more about your side business and develop those business ideas. I love to set up a list of things to listen to before i head out the door every day - it keeps me motivated, puts a spring in my step, and I am always learning and growing as a person from all the books i 'read' (or listen to!) on the way to work. A recent study showed there was no difference in the way we learn whether we read or listen to a book, so you can pick up some brilliant tips if you listen. You'll turn up to your day job feeling inspired and like you have learned something new before 9am!


2. Reading and planning on your commute

If you prefer paper (and you're not driving!), then reading on the bus or train might be the better option for you. The good thing about reading is you can underline or highlight sections of your books if they resonate with you. I love to come back to books I've made notes in, and remembering why they resonated with me in the first place. Reading 10-20 pages a day could get you through over twenty 200 page books a year. That's pretty good going!

Another thing you can do is to plan the following week on your commute home on a Friday evening, review what worked well for you during the week, any lessons you learned from the week (what worked, what didn't work) and craft your action plan for the next week. Then you can enjoy the weekend knowing the times next week where you can do some of your own work in the 9 to 5. Weekends are good too for a bit of hustling! 


3. Lunch breaks, coffee breaks

Getting a bit of work done once or twice a week on your business plans in your lunch break can be quite productive. Getting fresh air while jotting down plans, ideas, strategies, targets and goals can also help stimulate the brain and make your lunch break more interesting. Take a short walk then grab your journal and fancy pens and get scribbling! Coffee or tea breaks, while normally only short breaks (20 minutes or less), can provide some laser focus to get things done in short spaces of time. 


4. Early mornings and late evenings

I'm a big fan of the early morning routine, I like to get up early before work to do 30-45 minutes on my own business ideas and plans, it's when I'm at my most creative and receptive to new ideas or thoughts. Not everyone is an early bird, but I strongly recommend you give this a go! Find a nice spot in your house, somewhere you won't be disturbed, and set up your computer, journal, a glass of water with lemon, a nice lamp or stimulating lighting, and (in my case!) a flask of green tea. Works wonders for me, and I get stuff done before the day officially starts! 

Alternatively, if you are a night owl, you might find that getting an hour or two of work done on your side business in the evenings is the most productive approach for you. It's important to identify when you are at your most productive, when your attention and energy levels are most high, and try to incorporate some of your side business work into this time. And get plenty of sleep and rest, no burning the candle at both ends!


5. Getting ready for the next day

Sometimes, getting extra time for your own projects into your day means getting organised the night before. Your bedtime routine can be very important to help you get de-stressed and ready to take it all on the next day!

Decide what evening habits you would like to incorporate into your routine. If you want to get to bed earlier than your normal 11.30pm, you can set a reminder alarm at 9.30pm to start unwinding so you can be asleep by 10.30pm. At 9.30pm you can write in your journal about your wins for the day, and plan what needs to be done tomorrow. That way you can hit the ground running the next day, and your unconscious brain is already starting to work for you on those tasks before you wake up.

A clear morning and evening routine can work wonders for you, and help you find pockets of time to get more of your own stuff done in the day. 

Don't underestimate the power of consistency and baby steps on your plans when starting off your business, just keep going!


Action Step! 

Do you use any of these times of the day to get your side business going?Do you have any tips on how to get more done in your day? Let me know in the Comments section below.