Looking for Beta Testers! Course Closed July 2016 - no more applicants required!



Hi, my name is Lynsey, and I am a part time creative business coach. I have compiled all of my coaching experience and learnings on mindset challenges and created a 4 week course on getting out of your own way and discovering your entrepreneurial flair within! 

In this course you will learn how to:

·        Overcome mindset obstacles that have held you back for years from starting your own business and get out of your own way!

·        Calm your ‘inner critic’ or ‘Top Dog’ when they tell you ‘You’re not good enough’

·        Manage your time when you are in transition from the career cage to entrepreneurship

·        Change your mindset from worker to player!

·        Identify your superpowers to build your side business

·        Tackle self limiting beliefs that stop you from making progress in your business

·        Deal with procrastination

·        Get organised and use time wisely while still working full time

·        Set goals and targets for your new side business as you transition from the 9 to 5 to self employment

·        Tackle the mid project slump (it happens to us all!)

·        Avoid overwhelm when starting out in a new business

·        Overcome your fear of starting a new venture

·        Get out of your comfort zone and expand your business horizons

·        Be accountable and take action while working full time

This course is for you if:

·        You are bored in your job and know there is an alternative, but feel you are not confident enough to start your own business

·        You want to work for yourself on your own terms and not have to answer to a boss (I hear ya!)

·        You want to meet like minded people who can help you on your way to self employment or a freelance career

·        You want to use your business idea to improve other peoples lives, but you need to get out of your own way first

·        You want to get out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons and explore other opportunities waiting for you

·        You want to do work you are interested in



Being a Beta tester means you are enrolled on a brand new course free of charge. The 4 week pilot course starts on Monday, June 13th 2016. Not everyone who applies will be accepted on the course, so be sure to answer the questions as thoughtfully and honestly as possible. We will notify you by Tuesday 7th June whether or not you have been accepted on to the pilot course. By applying, you are agreeing to be notified about the course. There is no fee to participate in the course, we just require you to fill out surveys after each module to give us feedback on how you are finding the course. If you have good experience and results from the programme, we will ask for a testimonial. 

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